Distilled Memories

My first trip to China (if you don’t count Hong Kong) was in the nineties. This was pre-digital camera when the images are scanned from old prints, so they are a little grey and dull. That’s pretty well how the weather was when I was there- and the smog. It was really a good route right up through the middle, with a wiggle to the west and Sichuan/Yunnan) taking in all the major tourist sights. In those days touring was still very controlled and there was a lot of army surveillance, hotels were dubious and the many diverse sights amazing.

  • Hong Kong, (Click for more recent trips)
  • Guangzhou (amazing market)
  • Li River (cormorant fishing and that wonderful karst scenery)
  • Kunming and the Petrified Forest (pinnacles)
  • Emei- one of the four sacred mountains (watch out for the monkeys who bite your fingers if you have food)
  • Leshan and the giant Buddha (the biggest in the world - it really is huge and horribly vertigo inducing)
  • Chengdu and the giant pandas (through glass anyway)
  • Xian and the warriors (cameras were banned in those days (!)
  • Beijing (see more recent Beijing trip here) and the Great Wall

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