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Travel Essentials in a Shoulder Bag

Author: Sue
Date: 24th March 2019

What Sort of Bag?

When you’re trying to manage a load of gear at airports and such like an easily accessible shoulder bag is a must. You don’t have to carry it, but you can open it easily to access your documents. An adjustable strap is helpful, so that it can go across my shoulder when I’m out walking. It’s more comfortable and less easy to grab and steal.

I’ve had my blue Tumi bag for years. It’s got lots of pockets to organise all my stuff – there’s even a key fob. And it’s really robust. I’ve even put it in the washing machine- though I’m not recommending you try that.

What Travel Essentials Do I Carry Inside My Bag?

  • Passport – in plastic wallet to keep it clean and protected. These are so thin they usually survive scanners too without having to be taken off
  • Yellow fever certificate - if required – tucked in passport wallet
  • E – ticket copies. Some airlines (and security officials) insist on seeing them.
  • Insurance Contact details- usually supplied as a press out or cut out card
  • Visas (if separate documents)
  • European Health Insurance Card (this has been accepted in countries outside Europe on occasion)
  • Currency - if I have a lot of different currencies I use separate pouches (as supplied by the exchange shops), plastic envelope wallets or spare purses.
  • Phone with USB charger lead (and small plug depending on destination) - there’s usually access on the plane, at airports and on buses
  • Ear Buds - for when headphones are too bulky or for quick listening/access
  • E- reader – sometimes allowed on when a phone isn’t. (Airline rules vary considerably- most allow phones on flight mode but not all. No phones allowed on in planes in China at any time.)
  • Pens - For filling in immigration and hotel check in forms - bring several as they frequently go AWOL
  • Sunglasses – for easy access when arriving at sunny airports

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