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Toiletries That Work for Travel

Author: Sue
Date: 24th March 2019

Travel Toiletries

Sometimes it's hard to know what will be available where you're going. Some places can be surprising. But even if they have the things I need they’re often prohibitively expensive in far flung places. Toiletries, because so much is in liquid form can be impractical to carry and weighty. So, I take some of my favourite things and have learned from experience what works and what doesn’t. Pack in a transparent plastic cuboid bag - easy to see what's where. Fits easily into a case. Here are my suggestions:Suntan cream

  • Sensitive teeth toothpaste - rub some on your gums or teeth with your finger if you get any problems
  • TePes - in a little plastic case - for flossing
  • Deodorant - Solid doesn't leak
  • Shampoo - hotels don’t always have shampoo and what they have is sometimes not very nice. But this is weighty. In a plastic bag in case it leaks – those flip tops can be tricky
  • Conditioner - as for shampoo
  • Soap - a little tablet in a small case. Not all hotels supply it
  • Face moisturiser – in a pump or tube weighs less than a circular container. With sun block.
  • Night cream - in a pump or tube weighs less than a circular container
  • Body moisturiser/oil – a few hotels provide but not many off the beaten track. Weight is the big problem. If you decide to take some, get a good one that will go further.
  • Face cleanser
  • Contact lens cases
  • Contact lens solutions
  • Travel razor
  • Comb/brush

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