Sue wrapped up in sealskin next to the huskies and the sled. Greenland

Packing for Cold Weather Trips

Author: Sue
Date: 24th March 2019
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The key here to dressing in cold weather is to layer up, as you can literally go from freezing (and well below) ,outside to super warm inside centrally heated chalets. I'm less keen than most on getting cold. Take items you can peel off to keep you at a comfortable temperature. Layers trap air which is the best insulator. Merino wool and cashmere are thin and warm. Start with a good thermal vest and build up with fleeces/ high neck sweaters. Salopette trousers will keep the small of the back warm and help prevent snow getting in. A waterproof/snowproof jacket is essential.

An assortment of jackets/gilets fleece tops and ski trousers/salopettes takes up a lot of suitcase space. You could take the view that other people will only see your outer layer and buy only one set of thermals and undergarments that are bacteria resistant and wear those every day (or wash them at night). Clear compression bags are really helpful to reduce bulk when packing gilets/cagoules/jackets etc. You could also wear some of your bulkiest items onto the plane and sit on them.

And here’s some of the extra gear I take for comfort in cold climes and/or skiing in addition to (or instead of ) the basic list in the post How to Pack:

  • Thermal underwear. Merino wool or cashmere is the best
  • Ski goggles - work for dog sleighs too
  • Hotties - reusable or disposable pouches to heat hands and feet
  • Hot water bottle
  • Extreme weather mittens and gloves - Goretex
  • A fleecy lined hat that covers your ears
  • A stretchy snood - to keep your neck warm. Can be pulled up to meet the balaclava or to replace it. Also doubles as a face mask.
  • Sun tan lotion for your face. The sun can really burn on the snow.

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