Fiji - Return to the Yasawa Islands - The Big Trip 7

Author: Sue Rogers
Date: 14th September 2013

September 2013 back to the Yasawas - In the Footsteps of Brook Shields

Flying in from Tonga.

I had forgotten how friendly the Fijians are, and how wearing it is playing games of guess which country I'm from in reply to the inevitable question. They never seem to think of England as a possibility. On the ferry, partly retracing last year's steps (or should I say wake?) through the volcanic Yasawa Islands. Chatting to an American guy who runs the/a university in Tonga. He offers me a job teaching psychology there. Out to Nanuya Lailai, actual scene for The Blue Lagoon this time. The water is indeed blue, more ultramarine tahn azure, with swirls of jade. It's stunning and I'm not complaining.I have a typical lofty roofed wooden Fijian house, a bure; it has great views across the lagoon and I indulge in my last South Pacific sunsets.

The Blue Lagoon - Snorkelling and Snakes

One of the reasons I returned to Fiji was because the snorkelling was so good last year on the inner islands. This does not disappoint, the coral is far superior to anywhere else on this trip and I go out in a boat and then zoom up and down the reef off the beach at low tide and then high tide till I go all wrinkly. I've been trying out my new Olympus Tough underwater camera, with some success. The visibility is good, but attempting to capture images of fish is a little trying. They zip about far too quickly and if I do catch one off guard then you can guarantee that the current will waft me away. Nevertheless, there is one patch with several shoals of them all intermingling. Great photos, though the fish clearly expect to get fed at this spot and in their disappointment several decide to nip me instead. As someone then shouts out ' sea snake behind you' retreat seems expedient. It's a krait- highly poisonous, though they are considered very docile and have tiny fangs. Even a small venomous bite doesn't sound that appealing.

Round the Island

A farewell snorkel, trying not to think about snakes, and then a challenge, while I wait for the boat back to the mainland. A round the island walk billed at an hour and a half sounds just the ticket. It's low tide so the staff say it will all be passable. They don't tell me about all the lava I have to scramble over, or the yapping dogs that will accompany me or the swampy mangroves I have to wade through with ominous squidging beneath. They would have told me if there was sinking sand. Wouldn't they? And all the time hoping I'm not going to get lost. I don't want to miss the boat. I keep telling myself that you can't get lost going anti clockwise round an island. I hope. In the event I make it in record time, scurrying along like the crabs.

Next stop Vancouver.

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