I'm Sue. And I am the first British born woman to have travelled to ALL 196 countries in the world.

Sue in Sudan

I've Done a Lot!

I was surprised to discover that according to the  MTP (Most Travelled People) website, I'm the number one female traveller in the UK. According to Nomadmania.com. I’m currently the fourth most travelled person in the UK and the 93rd in the world. The rankings change quite quickly! I've just finished  travelling to all the countries in the world. The last one was Afghanistan. I was the first British born woman to do that, so I've also been in the papers and on Meridian TV and BBC TV, website  and radio recently. (See the links below.)


It’s been a very challenging task,  with  various personal difficulties to overcome (see About Me).  And now I've visited every UN country bucket lists get more difficult.  There are 193 recognised sovereign states. But I added Vatican State, Kosovo and Taiwan to make  196. (Progress all recorded on Instagram – @sue3travels_every_country_countdown. Palestine is also a contender for this list, of course.  


But now it gets complicated. There are also other self-ruled areas of land in this world.  I started off working from the Been App, but my Android phone doesn't like it much. That's changed over the years and now has a target of 252. I'm up to 243 on that one, but it includes really tough (if not impossible) areas like British Indian Ocean Territory.  Pitcairn isn't easy and Tokelau is very difficult indeed.  St Pierre and Miquelon takes me up to 246 (Instagram - @every_territory_in_the_world).by my counting,  as I've listed every country in the UK separately. 


The NomadMania website UN+ list (265) and the Travel Century Club (TCC)  list (330) are even more daunting. i've done 249 and 282 respectively on those. They include places like the Aland Islands, situated between Sweden and Finland. Scrutinising all of this has really improved my geography. But deciding where to draw the line is hard. At what point does one say enough is enough?


However, there are also other self-ruled areas of land in this world. (UN+). I did make it 247, but this number is definitely open to debate. And I've just added two more, to make it 249. I’ve done 244 of those (Instagram - @every_territory_in_the_world). A couple - Pitcairn and Tokelau - are very difficult indeed.


The posts on this website tell the story of my travels so far, often solo, recorded in words and pictures – my own window on the world. I’m not going into competition with Lonely Planet. The posts are informative (I hope) but also a subjective travelogue, recounting my adventures, reflecting my own impressions and experiences, been there, saw that, thought this, was scared by that. Dive in and read about the countries you’ve visited and the ones you haven’t. I’d love to hear your experiences, so please do email, comment, get in touch…

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