I'm Sue. My Dream is to travel to ALL 196 countries in the world and photograph/write about every one. So far I have travelled to 195.

“Because it’s there”
George Mallory
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Red: Countries still to visit.

Orange: Territories still to visit.

Light blue: Territories visited.

Dark blue: Countries visited.

Apparently, I Am Quite Well Travelled

 I was surprised to discover that according to the  MTP (Most Travelled People) website, I'm the number one female traveller in the UK. According to Nomadmania.com. I’m currently the fifth most travelled person in the UK and the 93rd in the world. The rankings change quite quickly! I'm well on the way to travelling to all the countries in the world. Just one country to go! Afghanistan...


It’s a pretty challenging task  with  various difficulties to overcome (see About Me).  And before you can even start moving, you have to decide what a country is. There are sovereign states - which are UN recognised countries. There are 193 of those. But I’ve added Vatican State, Kosovo and Taiwan. That makes 196. Progress is recorded here (of course) and on Instagram – @sue3travels_every_country_countdown. 


However, there are also other self-ruled areas of land in this world. I make it 247, but this number is definitely open to debate. I’ve done 242 of those (Instagram - @every_territory_in_the_world). A couple - Pitcairn and Tokelau - are very difficult indeed.

Sue in Sudan

Closing in on the Dream

Until quite recently, I thought that visiting every country was an unattainable dream, in terms of both cost and danger, countries stricken by war. But then I came up with A Plan and what looked like an achievable goal. Covid-19 meant that I didn't achieve my goal in 2020 as I had hoped. 2021 was very cautious, not much was allowed and I wasn't keen to lose any more money on cancelled trips. 2022 saw visits to Scandinavia, Tunisia Uganda and Burundi, Iraq, Yemen, Jamaica and Cayman. I've just been to Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroun and Central African Republic. Afghanistan is on the drawing board!  

hello world!


The posts on this website tell the story of my travels so far, often solo, recorded in words and pictures – my own window on the world. I’m not going into competition with Lonely Planet. The posts are informative (I hope) but also a subjective travelogue, recounting my adventures, reflecting my own impressions and experiences, been there, saw that, thought this, was scared by that. Dive in and read about the countries you’ve visited and the ones you haven’t. I’d love to hear your experiences, so please do email, comment, get in touch…

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